Maintain the condition of safe deposit box items

Maintain Safe deposit box items

After deciding on what you can store in your safe deposit box, you may need to find out how to maintain the condition of your safe deposit items. Putting your valuables in a safe deposit box is a great way to keep them safe. Whether you want to store important documents, jewellery, or other valuables, […]

Storing your Rolex

Storing your Rolex

Rolex watches – or any luxury watch for that matter – must be stored and cared for properly. Rolex watches are incredibly precious and, in most cases, expensive items, so you’ll want to store them properly, not only to maintain their excellent condition but also to ensure that they continue to perform as well as […]

New Year’s safety tips

New Year's safety tips

It’s a festive time of year filled with family fun, merry spirits, and evenings out. if your home is filled with brand-new Christmas and New Year’s gifts, it’s crucial to keep your belongings safe during this time. check out our New Year’s safety tips to help keep you and your belongings safe. Tips for keeping […]

Benefits of a deposit box

Benefits of a deposit box

Although the number of banks closing their safe deposit box facilities is increasing dramatically, there are still several safe deposit centres up and down the country, which focus solely on the protection of your valuables. Safeguard your items Items in your safe deposit box are protected from natural disasters at home. In addition to causing […]

Safety Deposit Box Storage

Safety Deposit Box Storage

Are you looking for a secure location in which to store your valuables? Our Facility for storing safety deposit boxes provides the ideal solution at affordable rates. Finding the perfect solution for keeping your valued possessions, cash, family heirlooms, and important documentation is essential for achieving peace of mind that these items are sufficiently secure. Many […]

The security of our Safe Deposit

How secure are safe deposit boxes?

The Benefits of a Safe Deposit Box Putting your trust in a company can sometimes be a bit of a difficult decision. Primarily when that decision determines the safety of your valuable or even sentimental items. Considering where to store such items can be a daunting task. Some may think they’d be better off hidden […]

What’s the difference between electronic and manual boxes?

The Difference in Electronic and Manual Boxes

How are manual and electronic boxes different? At the Safety Deposit Centre Manchester, we have both Electronic and Manual Safety Deposit boxes available for our clients. Our Electronic collection boxes start at £50 for three months. The customer can access these boxes through a biometric system. Therefore the user can open the safe with their […]

The Increase Of Safe Deposit Boxes

The Increase in Safe Deposit Boxes

In recent decades there has been a number of factors which have led to the increase in the number of people using safe deposit boxes. This is down to political uncertainty, the aftermath of the 2008 UK recession, the lack of trust in the banks, Brexit… the list is endless.  Closure of banks In 20 […]

Silver Screen Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes on the Silver Screen

Safe Deposit Boxes are Movie Stars Believe it or not there are dozens of movies, even blockbusters, which revolve around safe deposit boxes. They cover almost every genre e.g. action, thriller, romance, you name it and there most likely is one! This then begs the question; why? One of the main reasons may be a […]

The Baker Street Robbery

The Baker Street Robbery- Robber

One of Britain’s most infamous robberies occurred in 1971 on Baker Street in London. The heist was so widely talked about that, just as the more recent Hatton Garden Heist was turned into a film titled The Bank Job. But why did this robbery become one of the most talked-about, or in some cases, least talked about […]