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Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below a selection of our frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you require please do not hesitate to contact us with the following details, or simply fill out our contact form.

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Safe deposit boxes (also known as safety deposit boxes, safety deposit lockers or safe deposit lockers) are secure boxes within columns of lockers. The columns of lockers are kept within a secure vault which only allows for authorised access through a number of different secure locking methods.

Safe deposit boxes come in a variety of sizes to suit your requirements and can be rented for 3 months, 6 months, 12 months or longer. 

Both have their own aspects and have different elements of accessing the boxes themselves.

The Electronic Collection is mainly Self-Service and is accessed by the Customer to confirm their identity using biometric security using fingerprint and key access.

The Manual Collection is a more traditional key access system, with the lockers situated in large safes, and they tend to be larger sizes for items such as pieces of Art, Whiskey, Watches etc. this options also means that you will be accompanied to your box by a member of staff.

Safe deposit boxes mean that you don’t have to keep valuables at home. If you live in an area with high crime rates or simply want that extra peace of mind, a safe deposit box is the perfect solution for you.

In the UK and especially in the north west, we have seen an increase of individuals being targeted in their homes. Even people who have already taken precautions by installing security systems or safes can still be vulnerable to attack.

Insurance companies have also started to offer reductions on home insurance for customers who keep their values in a safe deposit box rather than in their homes.

Safe deposit boxes can be used to store a variety of valuable items which will typically include:

  • Important documents such as passports, deeds, wills and certificates. 
  • Jewellery.
  • Valuable collectible items. 
  • Other expensive items. 
  • Family heirlooms. 
  • Items of sentimental value.
  • Cash.

If you aren’t sure you’ll be able to store your valuables in a safe deposit box, why not get in touch with our friendly team or call us on 0161 273 7487 so we can advise you further.

There are certain items that are not permitted to be kept within our safe deposit boxes for example illegal or dangerous items such as weapons and explosives. 

Please see our terms and conditions for a full list.

It is also not permitted to store items which have been acquired through crime, the proceeds of criminal activity or money laundering. 

Access to a box is only given when The Safe Deposit Centre grants access to the customer and the customer uses their key to unlock the box. The vault at The Safe Deposit Centre is time locked, which means that during closed hours (even with authorised access codes) access to the vault will not be granted.

In addition to this, all of our employees are carefully selected and undergo enhanced CRB and staff vetting checks before they start their employment. We have regular security reviews from an external security consultant and regularly review all of our procedures. 

Opening an account is very simple and there is no need to make an appointment. All you need to do is come down to The Safe Deposit Centre with proof of identify and proof of your address to get started.

Proof of identity – we can accept either a passport or a signed photo card driving licence. They must be current and in date. (If you don’t have either of these, please call us to discuss.)

Proof of address – we require two of the following documents, they must be dated within the past 3 months; utility bill, bank/ credit card statement, mortgage statement, HMRC tax statement, NHS letter or a local council tax bill for the current year.

Payment – you will also be required to pay for your box in full as well as a fixed deposit of £100 when you open your account. The deposit is fully refundable at the end of your contract. 

You will receive an email (or letter depending on your preferred communication method) around a month before your membership is due to run out inviting you to renew for a further period.

We have several payment methods to enable to you pay your renewal fees: cash; cheque; debit card or credit card.

If you do not wish to renew, all access methods must be returned to us either in person or via a tracked delivery method before the expiration date of your contract. 

If you haven’t paid for your renewal then you will not be able to access your safe deposit box until you make the necessary payment.

Please note that interest is charged on all overdue accounts.

If you lose a key then you must inform us immediately. We will then arrange a suitable time for you to visit the centre where we will have a trained locksmith on site who will break into the safe deposit box whilst you are in attendance. The locksmith will then fit a new lock which you will be given the key to.

You will be liable for a £180.00 break open fee which covers the locksmith call out charge and the cost of replacing the lock. 

In the event of your death, when there is more than one named renter on the box, any additional renters may still have unrestricted access to your safe deposit box until probate is granted.

One of the additional renters will need to notify us of your death and produce a death certificate. We will scan this onto our system and return it to you promptly. Once probate has been granted, your account will be closed and should a secondary renter wish to continue to keep the valuables at The Safe Deposit Centre, they will need to open a new account.

If you are the sole renter of a safe deposit box, the person reporting the death should bring a copy of the death certificate to our offices. The certificate will be scanned into our system and returned to them promptly. Only supervised visits to the box will be permitted and items cannot be removed until probate is granted. 

Our high-security safe deposit centre was built by Associated Security, a Manchester-based security company providing high-security solutions for both domestic security and commercial security requirements. Our safe deposit centre is fitted with high-grade steel safe deposit boxes and also features access control solutions which were also both installed through Associated Security’s in-house engineers

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