Storing your Rolex

Proper storage and care are essential for Rolex watches – or any luxury watch. Rolex watches represent incredibly precious and, in most cases, expensive items. Therefore, you should store them properly, not only to maintain their excellent condition but also to ensure they continue performing as well as the day you bought them for years to come.

How should you store your Rolex watch when you aren’t wearing it?

Here are some tips from The Safe Deposit Centre experts on storing your Rolex watch overnight or long-term.

Do you wear your Rolex watch often?

Consider how often you wear your Rolex watch before deciding where to store it.

You should keep your Rolex watch at home if you wear it regularly, including on a daily basis. Store it in its original box, or a watch roll. 

Consider renting state-of-the-art storage at the Safe Deposit Centre if your Rolex will only be worn on special occasions or if it is a gift or an investment. Rolex watches range in price from £3,000 to £45,000, depending on their design. Can you really afford to store them at home when you’re not there, or if you don’t wear them often?

Safe Deposit Centre provides 24/7 peace of mind with our on-site safety deposit boxes. You can rent our safety deposit boxes for long- or short-term storage of your Rolex watch. 

How to store your Rolex watch correctly.

Here are a few things you should consider before storing your Rolex watch at home or in one of our safety deposit boxes.

Avoid sunlight

Anywhere you store your watch, ensure it isn’t exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Constant exposure to heat can also cause your watch to break physically, which could result in complicated – and expensive – repairs. While sunlight can fade the dial, constant exposure to heat can cause it to break physically.

Avoid humidity 

Keep in mind that humidity and dust are your enemies when it comes to storing your Rolex watch. In other words, you must keep them in a dry, temperature-controlled environment at all times, as moisture can destroy dials, cause rust, and in the worst cases, even form mould, especially if the strap is leather.

Additionally, dust particles may settle in your watch’s mechanics over time if left out too long. 

Consider a watch winder.

If you don’t wear your Rolex very often, you should consider putting it on a watch winder. With a battery life of up to 12 months, a watch winder is to keep your watch automatically running when it’s not being worn. This means you won’t have to manually reset your watch every time you go to wear it. A top tip from us, if you are keeping your watch on a winder, then put it in a case to protect it from dust.

Keep your Rolex safe at the Safe Deposit Centre.

You can’t afford to store your Rolex at home if you don’t wear it frequently. The days of hiding your Rolex under the bed, tucking it away in your sock drawer, or sticking it on top of your wardrobe are long gone.

Instead, you should store your Rolex watch in one of our safe deposit boxes at the Safe Deposit Centre. Furthermore, the safe deposit boxes in our facility are not exposed to sunlight, are not humid, and are not too hot – all essential factors when storing your Rolex. 

Keeping your watch safe in a safe deposit centre will not only give you peace of mind but also keep it in mint condition.

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