Private Deposit Centres or Bank Facilities?

Although many bank branches have begun to close their safe deposit facilities, there are still some that offer the service. Choosing whether to use a private safe deposit centre or bank’s facilities can cause some confusion. Overall, the facilities are likely very much the same in both centres. However, there are some crucial differences to consider.

What Is The Difference Between The Facilities?

Although the private safe deposit centres and bank’s facilities will likely be the same, the procedures and access to the boxes in different settings will vary. In a privately owned safe deposit centre, the main priority is their customers renting out boxes. In banks, however, this is not the case. Banks are primarily used by their customers to access accounts, withdraw and deposit money, and cheques. Many people would assume that using the safe deposit facilities within a bank would be their best option. However, in some aspects, this isn’t the case. The facilities offered by banks tend to be more expensive and providing this facility is not their priority as they provide a vast range of services.

Why Choose A Privately Owned Safe Deposit Centre?

Privately owned safe deposit centres focus solely on ensuring the valuables inside the vault are secure. As the facility only caters to safe deposit boxes, the company can put more time and resources into ensuring the security is up to scratch and of the highest standard.

The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester is the only facility in the North West to house a Grade 10 vault, providing the highest possible security for any valuables chosen to be stored with us.

We offer a range of box sizes to accommodate as much or as little as you wish to store, as well as a choice of key or electronic locking systems.

Safe deposit boxes are the most cost-efficient way to store any valuables or important documents, and our boxes start from as little as £50 for three months.

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