Short-term safe deposit box

Whether you are going on a holiday or even if you are only looking for some additional short-term security for your valuables, The Safe Deposit Centre has the perfect solution for you! Our short-term safe deposit box rental option provides you with peace of mind.

Our short-term solutions

At The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester, our box rentals start with just a 3-month contract and can go up to several years. There are a wide variety of box sizes available and the option of either electronic or manual locking.

Safe deposit boxes can be used to hold a variety of valued, precious, or sentimental items within them. The contents of safe deposit boxes held within our facility are completely confidential to the holders only.

The short-term security box solution provided by ourselves is ideal for anyone who may be going away or has items that need protection before a safe can be installed. Really, there are many reasons to use our facilities for a short-term security solution.

Short-term safe deposit box or long-term?

This really depends on your situation actually! Most clients start with a short-term contract and a locker box for their extra-special valuables. However, many of them change it to a longer contract when they experience the feeling of being safe with us.

If you are not sure yet, read our blog, which helps you decide better if you really need a safe deposit box?

Reserve your box today

Contact us today to reserve your box and secure your valuables in our high-security facility. Our safe deposit facility is the only facility in the North-West to house a Grade 10 vault, providing the highest security measures for your valued items.

Our boxes are affordable and start at only £50 on a 3-month contract! Paying just £50 for a short-term storage solution for your valued items is a deal you don’t want to miss!

Find out more about our safe deposit boxes and other services we provide, submit a query or give us a call on 0161 273 7487 for more information.

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