The security of our Safe Deposit

The Benefits of a Safe Deposit Box

Putting your trust in a company can sometimes be a bit of a difficult decision. Primarily when that decision determines the safety of your valuable or even sentimental items. Considering where to store such items can be a daunting task. Some may think they’d be better off hidden away in their own home. However, the risks of doing so can be too high if your home were broken into.

Burglars will always find your valuables, no matter where you hide them. Storing your valued items in a safe deposit facility prevents any misplacement of items. This means that you’ll have peace of mind about where your valuables are at all times.

How safe is The Safe Deposit Centre?

At The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, we believe securing your valuables is of the utmost importance. Our facilities are state of the art with all the latest security technology. As well as that, we’re the only facility in the North West to house a Grade 10 vault. Therefore providing unrivalled high-security service.

We have strict access procedures in place upon arrival. Your ID will need to be verified by one of our CRB-certified custodians. All before you’re granted access to the vault. You’ll be guided through a series of interlocking doors with our security guard and a custodian where your safe deposit box is securely stored.

Using the latest access control technology ensures that your valued items stored with us are completely secure. When opening an account with us, all you need to do is bring current and in-date proof of identity and proof of address. The application process only takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Why choose The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester?

Our high-security measures are put in place to ensure your valuables are 100% secured with us and provide some reassurance and peace of mind for our clients. Our staff are constantly training and are CRB certified, so you can be sure your belongings are in safe hands with us.

The Safe Deposit Centre is conveniently located in the centre of Manchester. We also have free on-site parking for all our customers. The facilities are open six days a week, and if required, we can even arrange an emergency visit out of hours.

Please find out more about our safe deposit boxes and the services we offer or get in touch to discuss your requirements. Call us on 0161 273 7487.

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