What’s the difference between electronic and manual boxes?

How are manual and electronic boxes different?

At the Safety Deposit Centre Manchester, we have both Electronic and Manual Safety Deposit boxes available for our clients.

Our Electronic collection boxes start at £50 for three months. The customer can access these boxes through a biometric system. Therefore the user can open the safe with their own key. This fully automated system allows for convenient access. This is especially handy if you are pressed for time.

The Manual collection is accessed using only keys with the smallest box again starting at £50 for three months. After providing your proof of identity, you will be taken to your box by a staff member. They will then grant you access to your box.

How can I access my safety deposit box?

The Electronic Collection is Self-Service and is accessed by the customer by confirming their identity using biometric security provided by their fingerprint and key card access.

The Manual Collection is a more traditional key access system, with the lockers situated in large safes, and they tend to be larger sizes for odd-sized items such as pieces of Art, Whiskey, Watches etc. Depending on the type and size of the box, the customer may have one key, and our staff member will have their guardian key to enable access.


As you spend more time with us the cheaper your box become. Furthermore our safety deposit box prices start from just £50, making them the best value safe deposit boxes in Manchester. Order now and receive one of our generous discounts:

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