What should not be stored in a safe deposit box

Keeping highly important documents in a safe deposit box prevents loss, damage or having to replace them altogether in the event of loss, damage, or theft. In addition to storing documents, safe deposit boxes are also ideal for storing cash and valuables you may not feel comfortable keeping in your home. But what can’t you store within your safe deposit box?


The Safe Deposit Centre is registered with the FCA which stands for the Financial Conduct Authority, Consequently, we require assurance that the contents of a rented safe deposit box haven’t been obtained through criminal activity or money laundering.

When opening an account

Upon opening an account with us we ask that you sign our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions explain what is and isn’t acceptable to store within our safe deposit centre. You do not have to disclose what you keep in the box, as this is completely confidential to yourself and any other people who share ownership of the safe deposit box. However, by signing the terms and conditions, it is agreed that the contents will not violate these regulations.

What can I store in my box?

Among the items commonly stored are deeds, last wills and testaments, jewellery, photographs, and letters. Usually, these are items that you don’t feel comfortable keeping at home. In addition, they may require additional protection from natural disasters such as fires and flooding.

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