Everything You Need to Know About Gold

Gold storage

No, we’re not talking about a classic catchy tune by an 80s band, we’re talking about the element discovered thousands of years ago and now commonly found in jewellery, electrical connectors and even food and drink. 

Jewellery accounts for 60% of the world gold demand each year while 10% of the world consumption goes to the electricals industry with a typical mobile phone containing around 50mg of gold. Food and drink may not be the first things we think of when we think of gold but gold leaf, flake...

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New Yorkers Leave Dogs in Safe Deposit Boxes

We have spoken in the past about the weird and wonderful things that have been left in safe deposit boxes but we seem to have found a winner for the most bizarre use for a safe deposit box.

The Dog Parker deposit box scheme has been rolled out on the streets of New York allowing shoppers to bring their pooches along on the trip without having to tie them up outside the shops. The Dog Parker is just a simple box with an electronic opening and the scheme is being...

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Stories Inside Safe Deposit Boxes

When the renter of a safe deposit box passes away and there are no known next of kins, the boxes need to be opened to investigate further. This is when a wealth of stories are discovered.

Over in the USA, property controller Lauren Brewer spends her days sorting possessions that have been left behind when the holder of a safe deposit box dies. Brewer has concluded that there is a common theme among the holders of safe deposit boxes and humans in general;

"We're collectors, I think....

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First Safe Deposit Service Launches in Scotland

The very first independent safe deposit centre has been opened in Glasgow providing a secure location for people to store their valuable possessions.

After more than a £1 million investment, the new safe deposit centre aptly named Glasgow Vaults has opened its doors to the general public. The site was opened by Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

Sturgeon spoke of the new centre with optimism saying "providing a secure place for valuables is very helpful when high street banks no longer appear to offer this service.”

Since banks...

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Is Social Media Putting Valuables at Risk?

In today’s world, social media is a much used tool for keeping in touch with family and friends and updating them on what you’re doing but it could also be putting your valuables at risk.

As the popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter continues to increase, many people start to forget the security risks of putting too much information online for anyone to see. While we all know not to put our bank details or other secure information on social media sites, but it is other pieces of information we...

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