What should I not keep in my box?

Can’t I keep everything in my box?

While you may want to put all your prized possessions into a safety deposit box and lock them all away safe, this may not always be for the best

Deposit centres have opening hours, close during the holidays, and are not open on Sundays; therefore, you won’t always be able to get into your box if you’re ever In dire need. That’s why it’s important to store things you will not need in emergencies. Passports, medical supplies, powers of attorney, the list goes on! Therefore it’s important to remember not to store items you’d need in a hurry


Your deposit box may be a fair distance from your house. This means that if you ever need to travel internationally at the drop of a hat, e.g. for business or to go to a family member, you better hope that the deposit centre is open. Therefore, keep your passport secure in your home so that it’s at your side if you ever need it. 

Only copies of essential documents 

Only copies of essential documents, e.g. living wills or powers of attorney, mean very little when they’re in a safety deposit box following your death. If your documents are hidden away, and your loved ones aren’t sure of the location, it may become a real issue to try and sort out arrangements once you’re gone. Therefore, tell others about where your documents are and how they will be able to access them

Spare keys 

While it may seem like a good idea, think again. If you come home from a night on the town and you’ve lost your keys, you’ll have to wait until the deposit centre opens to get back in. That’s also if you’ve not lost the key to your box. Therefore, it is much more practical to have your key hidden in a secret location around your house or with a nearby neighbour.  

Vital medication 

If you depend on medicine to live a comfortable and healthy life, then it’s never the best idea to keep your life-dependent supplies in a safety deposit box you don’t always have access to. If you have diabetes and need insulin at 4 am, but it’s in a safety deposit box 20 miles from your house, it looks like an ambulance is on the cards. Therefore, keeping your medicine in your home is a much more practical and healthier idea

Illegal or dangerous items 

Illegal items such as drugs, laundered money, items from a crime scene or any other items sourced by illicit means should not be kept in your safety deposit box. Firearms and liquids are also big no-no’s for box, and that four-decade-old whiskey should be kept in your house. To make it easy to understand, if you wouldn’t take it into your bank, then don’t put it in your box. If you have common sense, you’ll know what’s ok and what isn’t. 

In summary

It’s pretty straightforward that if it’s illegal or you may need it in an emergency in your own home, then don’t keep it in a safety deposit box. Whilst there are only a few items we suggest you shouldn’t keep in your box, the list of what you can keep is much broader

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