What goes in a Safety Deposit Box?

  Safety Deposit Boxes


The number of banks on our high-streets may be on the decline but one thing which may be shockingly on the rise is safety deposit boxes. 




Whilst ‘Cloud’ storage and digital records are all the rage, we should not be quick to assume that vaults and deposits are a thing of the past


In our everyday lives we are required to produce particular original documents instead of photocopies or digital scans. As well as that you may have some highly valuable possessions in our belonging which you may not feel comfortable having around your house. 




For many decades safe deposit boxes have been relied on to protect valuables and original documents, and what you fill yours with is totally down to your own desires and requirements. Whilst this is the case, we’ve complied a short, concise list of examples of items you may wish to put in yours: 




1.     Birth, death and marriage certificates 



3 big events in everyone’s lives and 3 important documents to go along with it. These documents can be very hard to replace if damaged or lost. Replacing them also comes at a cost as well and it can also end up taking weeks for your replacements to come. By having your own safety deposit box allows you have your documents all kept in one place and give you peace of mind.  



2.     Jewellery 



Your jewellery can be worth a significant amount of money and you may feel unsafe when they are not in a secure area such as a safety deposit box. Purchase a box today and keep your valuable jewellery for a special occasion and out of risk from theft or burglary in your own home. 


3.     Sentimental photographs



Whilst you probably have all your recent photos in the last 10 years saved to the ‘Cloud’, it’s likely you have a collection of old, family mementos hidden away in the back of a wardrobe only collecting dust. In order to protect these special memories by placing them in your own safety deposit box would be of great interest to you. Therefore you and your family will have endless memories for generations to come



4.     Collectibles



It’s not unusual for people to have a collecting hobby; whether that be coins, stamps or even video games. These may be worth a significant amount of money to someone if they knows their stuff, therefore it is vital to keep those collectibles under lock and key in one of our safety deposit boxes. 



Bottom line 



Whilst we have only named 4 examples of what can be kept in one of our boxes the list really is endless. You have the world of security at your finger tips when you use one of our boxes and constant peace of mind knowing your valuables will be under our protection 24/7


If you’d like anymore information in getting your very own box visit our website or give us a call today! 




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