What can you store in a safety deposit box?

Safe deposit boxes come in a wide range of sizes to allow for the storage of lots of different kinds of items. If you’re considering renting a safe deposit box but are unsure of what the contents should be, take a look at this article for a run-down of the most common items stored in safe deposit boxes and a few more unusual ones.


The most common forms of jewellery to store in safe deposit boxes is dowry jewellery and Asian gold. Many families feel that a safe deposit box offers more protection than their homes (which have been commonly targeted by thieves in Greater Manchester) and also provide one common location to store jewellery before a wedding. Newly married couples have also been known to store their wedding rings in a safe deposit box for the duration of their honeymoons in order to avoid losing them in a foreign land.


Sometimes when a relative passes away, we inherit heirlooms from them. These heirlooms can vary from valuable items to items of sentimental value with little to no monetary value. If you don’t plan to use these items on a daily basis, it is usually advisable to store them away securely to prevent loss, theft or damage. Safe-deposit box rentals come in sizes to accommodate a small collection of heirlooms right up to more spacious boxes to store bulkier items.


In the busy lives we lead, it can be easy for paper documents to be misplaced or damaged. Even by taking the decision to store these files digitally instead, the files can get corrupted or deleted. Important documents such as wills, deeds, contracts and certificates can be stored in a safe deposit box meaning they are secure from the above threats. If you still feel more comfortable having those files in a digital format, the USBs or hard drives on which they are stored can also be stored in a secure box.

If you have documents that will need to be accessed by another person should something happen to you, you can add them as a secondary renter on the box meaning they can access the contents without issues. For example, in the event of your death, you may have the executor of your will registered as a secondary renter in order for them to have access to the document.

Other Items

The contents of your safe deposit box don’t have to be restricted to just jewellery, heirlooms and documents. As long as the contents are legal, you can store anything from gold bars to stamp and coin collections.

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