Security deposit box

Looking to store your valued items in a secure location outside of the home? Our safe deposit boxes offer the ideal solution at an affordable rate. Whether you want to store banknotes, jewellery, important documents or family heirlooms, a security deposit box provides a secure location outside of the home for these valued goods to remain protected.

Security deposit boxes or safe deposit box services were common facilities in many bank premises. However, in recent years many banks are no longer offering security deposit boxes or safe deposit box services. Due to this, many long-standing security deposit box owners whose valuables were stored within bank facilities have had to find external trustworthy services to continue to secure their valued items.

Without the facilities in banks which offer safe deposit boxes, many of their previous customers are now trying to find a way to allow for secure storage of valued goods such as bank notes and family heirlooms. Ensuring you can access your valuables at the required time for your needs is essential, and finding a secure location offering security deposit boxes that is easily accessible for new client’s needs is crucial.

The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester

Our Safe Deposit Centre in Manchester, is open 6 days a week, located conveniently in the city-centre with free on-site parking. By ensuring our facility is open 6 days a week, this provides access to your valuables when it suits you most.

When banks began to no longer offer safe deposit lockers and related services within their bank vaults, many of the customers who had both a current account and used the security deposit box service were now at a loss of where to securely store valued items, such as bank notes, jewellery, family heirlooms and important documentation. The increase in the market for independent security deposit box service facilities, such as The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, has enabled facilities such as ours to be a highly-secure replacement for many customers whose banks ceased to offer safe deposit boxes in the last few years.

Since 2012, many of the well-known high-street banks began issuing notices that they would no longer be offering security deposit boxes or safe deposit services as a storage solution within their bank vaults. These statements were followed by the Hatton Garden robbery in 2015, causing more facilities to no longer offer safe deposit boxes as a service. However, in the recent years, robberies such as these, as uncommon as they are, have allowed for private companies and the banks that still offer security deposit box services to reassess security measures and ensure there are no faults or weak-spots within the private facilities and bank vaults.

The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, is the only facility in the North-West to house a Grade 10 vault, providing the highest level of security possible within the North-West for our clients.

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