Safety deposit lockers

Safe deposit lockers provide a secure, high-security storage solution for valuable items outside the home, providing peace of mind. A safety deposit box will significantly reduce the risk of loss, damage, or theft of your valuable items.

Our safe deposit boxes are very similar to those offered in many bank vaults. After many banks discontinued these services, their clients were left without a storage solution for their valuable possessions. With an independent facility, such as The Safe Deposit Centre, our clients can rest assured that the security of their valuable possessions is our top priority.

Our facility

Safe deposit boxes can be rented for various lengths depending on the client’s needs. Our facility is the only one in the North West with a Grade 10 vault, which ensures the highest level of security for the valuable possessions stored within.

Valuable item

keeping valuable items, such as family heirlooms, cash, jewellery, or important documents, in a secure location, is essential to maintaining peace of mind. Store valuable items in a safe place, such as a safety deposit box, where authorised account holders can only access them, and are not left unsecured at home.


You can further protect your valuable possessions by insuring your safety deposit lockers. Safety deposit lockers insurance covers valuable possessions and cash up to £500,000. furthermore, FCA regulates our insurance policies.

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From just £40 for a three-month contract, we offer a variety of contract lengths to meet your security needs. Please call us on 0161 273 7487 to discuss your safe deposit box requirements.

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