Short-term safe deposit box

short-term safe deposit rental

Whether you are going on a holiday or even if you are only looking for some additional short-term security for your valuables, The Safe Deposit Centre has the perfect solution for you! Our short-term safe deposit box rental option provides you with peace of mind. Our short-term solutions At The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester, our […]

Private Safe Deposit Centres or Bank Facilities?

Private safes or Bank facilities

Although many bank branches have begun to close their safe deposit facilities, there are still some that offer the service. Choosing whether to use a private safe deposit centre or bank’s facilities can cause some confusion. Overall, the facilities are likely very much the same in both centres. However, there are some crucial differences to […]

Maintain the condition of safe deposit box items

Maintain Safe deposit box items

After deciding on what you can store in your safe deposit box, you may need to find out how to maintain the condition of your safe deposit items. Putting your valuables in a safe deposit box is a great way to keep them safe. Whether you want to store important documents, jewellery, or other valuables, […]

New Safe Deposit Centre Opening

New Safe Deposit Centre Opening

After a much-anticipated wait, the Safe Deposit Centre finally opened the doors to their new location last month, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the results. It was a real team effort to get the centre up and running for the opening. Paul, our Centre Manager, said, “We are really pleased with our opening […]

Do I Need a Safe Deposit Box?

Do I Need a Safe Deposit Box

There are many different reasons people have for opening up a safe deposit box. Some people will use it for the temporary storage of valuables when going away or moving house; others prefer to keep the valuable and important items in secure storage away from the home. However, the use of your deposit box is […]

Storing cash in safe deposit boxes

Deposit Lockers

Storing cash in safe deposit boxes provides peace of mind. Looking for a secure storage solution for your cash? Storing cash in safe deposit boxes will ensure that it remains untouched and completely secure. At The Safe Deposit Centre, we provide a wide variety of safety deposit box sizes and differing prices for these boxes. […]

Is Your Password Robust

Is Your Password Robust

Every year we celebrate national holidays, one of which is World Password Day. Passwords hold the key to our digital lives, so keeping track of them and making sure they are secure is essential. Identity fraud reached its highest levels in 2019 with almost 364,643 reported incidents, according to CIFAS around 65% of identity theft victims had […]

What can you store in a safety deposit box?

What can you store in a safety deposit box

What can you store in a safety deposit box? Safe deposit boxes come in a wide range of sizes to allow for the storage of lots of different kinds of items. If you’re considering renting a safe deposit box but are unsure of what the contents should be, take a look at this article for […]